Machining offer

Our capacities

Horizontal turning, 3 to 5 axis

  • From Ø20 to Ø610 mm
  • Length 1500 mm

Vertical turning, 2 to 4 axis

  • Up to Ø170 mm
  • Height 1500 mm

Milling and drilling, 3 to 5 axis

  • From 20 x 20 x 20 mm
  • To 1500 x 1500 x 1500 mm


  • CNC vertical centres and lathes
  • Organization in production cells
  • Productivity and cost reduction

M.B.P has CNC vertical centres and lathes. The workshop is organized with production cells. One cell is composed of several machines managed by one technician. This process notably allows to optimize the production and practicing the fair price.


  • CNC lathes in 3 or 4 axis
  • Small and medium batch sizes with high added value
  • Competitive / Attractive prices
  • Production time reduction

The lathes in 3 and 4 axis are perfectly adapted to the machining of small and medium batch sizes. We also have a CNC robotized lathe, ideal for small and medium batch sizes production with high added value. These robotized machines allow to propose you our services at attractive prices, and reduce the manufactures lead-time, respecting your quality demands.


  • Palletized machining centres
  • Productivity and precision
  • Adapted to machining of casting and forged parts

The cells composed of palletized machining centres are a force for our productivity and our precision. The machines are perfectly adapted to machine casting and forged parts for which we have acquired a high know-how level.


  • Multi-tasking centres MAZAK with 5 axis
  • From medium up to large size
  • Complex parts

Thanks to the 5 axis CNC machines, we are able to do medium and large size parts with complex forms.


  • Up to Ø1500 mm in turning
  • Until 1500 mm long in milling
  • Unit parts and small batch sizes

In terms of large dimensions, we are able to machine (from unit part up to small size batch) parts until Ø 1700 mm in turning and up to a length of 4000 mm in milling.