Thanks to a partners network, and according to you needs and requests, we can also subcontract : 



We develop and achieve complete mechanical sets which can be assembled, welded, and including many components (simple or complex). 


One kit made in our company includes all the parts necessary to the achievement of a mechanical set. It is directly usable on the customer's production line. It allows to have only one reference which included several references as well. For you, this solution decrease the inventory and assure you about having received all the items of a subassembly. 


Your finished products can be stored in our company (until 3 months of storage) and you can order and receive the parts when you need. Besides, machine larger batch size allow to reduce the launch costs (settings for example) and you benefit from an economy of scale. 

Advanced logistics

  • Possibility to practice open orders with delivery calls.
  • "Just-in-time" deliveries which allow to the customer to reduce storage costs. 
  • "EDI Exchange" (Electronic Data Interchange) protocol, which simplifies the exchange of commercial documents.